In conjunction with my wonderful wife Carla, the Grants have on going labor of love, of our hometown. A history, in pictures, of a small city in northern Maine. I was fortunate to go to school with a great bunch of kids one of whom captured my heart and becoming my beloved wife of 49 years as of May I still have a brother-in-law, Robert Cyr, living with his wife Margaret, in Caribou ME, to whom we would like to express our apppreciation for providing the initial batch of photographs.

Special appreciation goes to Allen Hewitt class of for doing some of the initial research and digging to gather many of the first photographs we are sharing with all having an interest in Caribou Maine history.

We solicit any photographs anyone would like to add to the project. Credit will be rendered. Please be constrained with family pictures. This isn't a family album. Further, if anyone has any information to add to posted photographs please submit these as well. Send to 99ringmaster99 gmail. Jan Over the last 7 years of working on this project several individuals have provided many excellent vintage pictures of Caribou.

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A steady contributor of fantastic photos to Caribou and her own websites often with insightful narratives about the photos. A true virtual historian. Larry Cyr. A valued frequent contributor to Marks Websites as well.

Thank You all. I we missed anyone we will correct in the future. We believe all these photographs to be in the public domain. However, if there is a contrary view please forward your concerns to us and we will investigate.

Carla and Richard. Flickr logo. If you click it, you'll go home. Sign Up Explore. Upload Sign In.Caribou, Maine, picked up almost 60 inches of snow in Januarythe city's snowiest January on record, but just short of its all-time snowiest month in recorded history. A whopping January ranked as Caribou's second-snowiest month on record, behind only Decemberwhich brought Weather records in Caribou date toaccording to the National Weather Service. Winter Storm Harper was responsible for a significant margin of the month's snowfall Jan.

It dropped Following Harper's heavy snowfall, Caribou had a inch snowpack — just 4 inches shy of 3 feet — on the ground last Monday morning. That snow was blown around into impressive drifts, some so tall that meteorologists at the NWS office in Caribou could not see out the front window of their office. The shallowest snowpack Caribou had all month was 13 inches on New Year's Day, so snow boots have been a necessity for the city's nearly 8, residents.

Based on data, Caribou averages Its season-to-date snowfall through January stood at April 25 is when the city's last measurable snow at least 0. However, measurable snow has been recorded as late as May 25 in Caribou, which occurred in Daily 15 Today. Winter Storm. By Brian Donegan January 31, At a Glance Caribou, Maine, has topped its snowiest January on record. The city came up just shy of tying the record for its all-time snowiest month.

images caribou maine

Caribou has already surpassed its average seasonal snowfall. Season-to-date snowfall through Wednesday, Jan. Hidden Weather Icon Symbols.Looking for design inspiration? Browse our curated collections! Tinto Designs. John Burk. Daniel Hagerman. Erin Paul Donovan.

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Juergen Roth. Susan Cole Kelly. Jack Zievis. Paula Robertson. Peggy Collins. William Tasker. Celestial Images. Harvesting potatoes on a small farm six miles north of Caribou, Maine Print. Harvesting potatoes with a single-row tractor-drawn digger on a farm near Caribou, Maine Print. Young potato picker resting during the lunch hour on a farm near Caribou Maine Print.

Young potato picker resting during the lunch hour on a farm near Caribou, Maine colorized by Ahmet A Print. Ahmet Asar. Young potato picker resting during the lunch hour on a farm near Caribou, Maine Print. Harvesting potatoes with a single-row tractor-drawn digger on a farm near Caribou, Maine colorized b Print.

Children picking potatoes on a large farm near Caribou, Maine. View All Subjects. Each purchase comes with a day money-back guarantee. Search Type Keyword. Toggle Mobile Navigation Menu. Greeting Cards Spiral Notebooks. Wall Art.

images caribou maine

Art Media. Home Decor. Men's Apparel. Women's Apparel. Youth Apparel.

images caribou maine

Caribou Maine Art. Results: Filters. Caribou Maine Canvas Prints. Caribou Maine Framed Prints. Caribou Maine Art Prints. Caribou Maine Posters. Caribou Maine Metal Prints. Caribou Maine Acrylic Prints.My fascination with maps and geography inspired me to create this illustration.

This map art print makes a great gift for someone who has recently relocated, someone who loves where they are from, or someone who loves typography. This piece features the state of Maine formed from each county's name written in the proper place and shape of that county.

Each print is professionally printed to order.

211 Caribou Maine Premium High Res Photos

Please allow business days for processing and delivery. Decades of oral tradition and a few scant clues suggest the role a northern Maine church played in harboring slaves along the Underground Railroad. Order online and pick up the same day at Walgreens. Print photos and create personalized photo books, photo cards, invitations and custom photo gifts. Maine Photography, Wildlife Photos. Main Street in Caribou, Co between - While miners that built them are long gone, Colorado's ghost towns still stand as stirring reminders of life on the frontier.

Green Living. Beans baked in cast iron pots buried in the ground became a lumber camp specialty and …. Untouched wilderness, world class cuisine, seasonal outdoor activities and friendly people all await you in Northern Maine. A log cabin from near Caribou. Tasker - Google Books. Explore Brian Kermath e. Brian Kermath e. These prisoners were part of a potato picking crew. A crowded Main Street in Fort Fairfield with horse-drawn sleds.

Pictures of Caribou - Traveler Photos

Store signs for Hopkins Brothers and A. Paul are visible. Baloon Fest in Presque Isle. Northern Maine Freedom Trail. Great Places Beautiful Places. England Winter. Cripple Creek Colorado. Caribou Maine.

Best Places to Live in Maine - 2015

Northern Maine The Settlers. Abandoned Churches. Ww2 Veterans. The Settlers.Photo-sharing community. Discover the world through photos. Official seal of Caribou, Maine. Affordableacadia merupakan Daftar maupun Kumpulan Agen Judi Bandarq Poker Dominoqq Online Indonesia pada tahun dengan minimal deposit 10ribu bisa menikmati 9 jenis permainan yang ada.

European settlers awaited the conclusion of the northern boundary dispute with Canada before arriving in force in Home to the Nylander Museum of Natural History, Caribou's depends significantly on the potato industry. See photos. Explore rayburby's photos on Flickr. The museum was built as a WPA project.

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The museum was originally designed to house the collections of Olof O. Nylander, a self-taught naturalist from Oremella, Sweden. Born inMr. Nylander became interested in natural history as a youth. His spare time was spent collecting…. Burger Boy in Caribou Maine in the early 50's. These Great Depression era photographs taken in Maine are incredible! Hotel Caribou, Caribou.

Caribou Maine. Maine Snow Maine Winter. The Places Youll Go. Pretty Pictures.Retailers will need to pay close mind to upskilling themselves and their staff to be able to analyze and understand the data they collect and how to use it.

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